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An attorney with over 30 years experience, I am licensed by the State Bar of Arizona and trained in contracts and property law including real estate litigation. I have been a Arizona licensed Real Estate Agent and Realtor for over 13 years and assisted numerous clients in finding their dream home or selling their home when necessary. I have practiced real estate litigation and know the pitfalls of residential real estate. As a real estate attorney I have helped many clients out of problems with their contracts and issues of non-disclosure. I'm originally from the Midwest, and have lived in the Phoenix area for over 20 years.


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Working with Errol was great. We had started to do Real Estate deals with some larger developers, they were real savvy and liked to try to push us around whenever they didn't get their way. When Errol began working on our contracts it brought us up to their level immediately. When they tried to push us around, we were able to push back with confidence. That gained us respect with these guys and we did more deals because of it. I recommend Errol to everyone who needs to get the transaction right every time. His hard work and knowledge of Real Estate law gives you the power in the deal!
"I just want to thank you for a job well done. I really appreciate what you did for me in regards to my case. You worked hard and with a professional attitude like no other. When I needed legal advice you were always there to direct me in the right direction. You are a great attorney, Errol. I will have no hesitation with referrals... you are the man...Errol you really understand what's going on and what legal rights mean. So, Thanks again."
"I used Errol to help me buy a house. He found exactly what I wanted. Errol knew what needed to be in my purchase contract and there were no problems with the transaction."
"Errol has helped my family sell one house and buy another. He protected our rights on the sale making sure the deal closed on time and negotiated a great contract on the purchase. I would recommend him to anyone."
"Errol was our attorney and helped us with our real estate/lease purchase contract where we had an option to buy the home. He won the case for us short of trial and we couldn't have done it without him. He knows law and real estate and we'd certainly recommend him."
"Having had you represent me as my agent in the house I am living in, I know you support your buyers interest well! What a great service you provide."
"After searching and searching for a house, I ended up buying a new build. Errol helped negotiate my contract and I wouldn't have used anyone else. I had no doubt that being an attorney he could help protect me in negotiations with the builder."
"Errol is very good at what he does!!!!"
"I'm an attorney myself and I understand the need to have a real estate agent trained in the law. My wife and I used Errol's services three times--to sell two homes and buy one. Each transaction went off without a hitch. Errol negotiated each contract and worked hard to get everything we wanted. We couldn't be happier."
"Errol was our attorney and helped us out of a real estate purchase contract where the seller had failed to disclose some damage to the property. We thought we were stuck with the house or at least would forfeit our earnest money deposit. Errol won the case and we were able to get out of the contract even after closing. You can't have a better lawyer; he is knowledgeable, prompt and efficient."

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